Truck drivers in Midland are demanding when it comes to their vehicles. Consumers in Texas want a truck with:

  • outstanding off-road performance
  • comfortable accommodations
  • and excellent resale value.

Drivers in Midland, Odessa, Andrews, Big Spring, Pecos and Fort Stockton agree that a full-size pickup truck can make a huge difference when it comes to everyday use.

Towing and Off-Road Performance

The 2017 Toyota Tundra is a full-size truck that can tow up to 10,500 pounds or haul just over a ton of cargo. When it comes to off-road performance for a full-size vehicle the Tundra excels in its class. The Tundra has shown itself capable of handling off road conditions in competitions like the Baja 1000.


Easy to Use Technology and Leg Room

Along with Tundra’s size and off-road performance abilities the truck has comfortable accommodations. The interior offers simple and user friendly technology with large screen interfaces. The rear seat leg room is noticeable larger than its competitors and its detachable cushions allow for excellent storage for tools or personal items.

80 Years of Reliability

Toyota know trucks after building them for 80 years. Toyota has been awarded for having one of the best truck resale values based on its strength and durability.

Visit us today at Toyota of Midland to learn more about the new Toyota Tundra. Check out a model at our showroom or look at our online listings to compare individual Tundra models we have for sale. You will see that the Tundra is an ideal pickup to have on the Midland roads.

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